Beck MiniZap LCD

New Beck MiniZap LCD

Beck MiniZap LCD Blood Zapper (Purifier)

World's first Beck Zapper with LCD display. Our topseller with rapidly growing worldwide customer base. Exclusive dealers wanted!

Check out the link "DETAILED INFORMATIONS on this product" and "More infos (PDF)" for all the improvements of the LCD version versus the standard model which will soon be discontinued.

The miniZAP® LCD is a Dr. Robert C. Beck Zapper and the world's smallest yet most advanced blood zapper (blood purifier device). The miniZAP® LCD is carried like a wrist watch and sets new standards in regard to flexibility, economy and comfort. Completely Made in Germany. Contrary to the so called "Clark Zapper" the miniZAP® LCD is a pure "Beck Zapper" and is not based on bioresonance or radionics but on direct electrification of the blood stream.

The world's smallest and smartest blood zapper:

"Cool and unobtrusive to wear."

With a 1000 µA output current the miniZAP LCD is a powerful device (600 µA are already the pain limit, even with conductivity gel).

Parts list:

1 miniZAP® LCD Beck Zapper with battery

2 gold electrodes (22K)

1 electrode cable

1 velcro wrist band

1 gel tube 50 ml

1 manual in German and English.

Technical data:

Size: (L/W/H) 63 / 35 / 12 mm
Weight: 23 g
Battery life: 3 months (2 x daily 2 hrs at 250 µA)
Battery type: standard CR 2032 (available everywhere)

Advantages of the miniZAP® LCD:

  • No "cable mess" because worn on the wrist

  • Extremely low maintenance and support requirements (self-explaining, self-testing)

  • The only device with Constant Current Control (CCC) of 100%

  • Up to 35 V output voltage

  • Output current adjustable seemlessly

  • Gold electrodes

  • Opto-acustical operation and error signals

  • Intelligent Error Management (IEM)

  • Extremely efficient energy consumption.

The miniZAP® according to Dr. Beck is a microprocessor-controlled Beck Zapper (blood zapper) which emanates subtle current impulses through two gold electrodes via the veins of the wrist into the body in order to inactivate parasites (viruses, bacteria, fungals) and to boost the immune system. Often the Beck zapper is confused with the "Clark Zapper", the latter, however, is based on a different principle: A Clark zapper basically is a bioresonance or radionic device which does not release a current (µA - micro Ampere) into the blood but rather a variety of frequencies between 30-400 kHz. The Clark Zapper is not based on patented research like the miniZAP®.

Warranty & Disclaimer

Warranty: 5 years for the Beck MiniZAP®, 6 months for the remaining parts.

These units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety and effectiveness of them has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.

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